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Are you a busy Mum, with little time for yourself?

Since having children have you found yourself struggling with losing weight or a lack of energy?

Do you feel like you’re a great mother and homemaker, but have somehow lost yourself in the process?

You’re not alone…

Becoming a mother, especially of a big and busy family, can be the most rewarding experience in life.  But let’s face it, it can also take a lot out of us!  As mothers we become SO good at giving our time and energy to those we love, and of taking such great care of everyone else,  that somewhere along the line we forget how to prioritise and fit in our own health. Before we know it, we no longer recognise ourselves or the life we’re living…

  • We look in the mirror and no longer like what we see - our clothes don’t fit like they used to
  • We find ourselves getting shouty and irritable
  • We lack energy and feel tired and run down
  • Health problems start to creep up on us
  • Romance and excitement seem to have disappeared

I know exactly how you feel - that was once me too!  As a devoted mum of four children, my family life become so busy that in the process of making sure that everyone else was healthy and happy, my own needs slipped to the bottom of my list of priorities, which really took a toll on my own health and happiness.

Do you ever find yourself:

  • Grabbing the wrong foods because it’s quicker and easier
  • Trying to give yourself a boost with sugar, caffeine or alcohol
  • Feeling the weight creeping on because you don’t have time to exercise anymore
  • Wishing you had more energy but not knowing what to do about it
  • Beating yourself up about your kids eating badly or watching too much TV/having too much screen time
  • Worrying that your husband won’t find you as attractive as he used to

If any of this resonates with you, then I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Marina Newington and I’m an Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach. I help busy mums reignite their mojo, sparking new found energy, ways to manage weight and a return to self care that brings you to your best self.

I am all about making health fun and simple!


Together, we can work on finding the solutions for issues like:

Feeling good in your own skin again – losing weight and developing a healthy body and quality of life from simple and fun changes in diet and exercise. Learning a variety of healthy food alternatives so you are always ready in an “emergency"


Having more energy to enjoy life again - improving fitness and strength in order to better enjoy active time with your family and pursue your own physical goals


Putting the ease and spark back in your relationships- finding satisfaction in relationships by exploring communication styles and practicing patience and listening skills


Getting your own identity back - Finding fulfilment as an individual by pursuing your own dreams


As a fully qualified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach, I create a supportive environment that enables you to articulate and achieve your health and happiness goals. 

It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to explore their wellness goals with a trained professional, but that is exactly what I’d like to offer you, if you are ready to explore how to start taking care of yourself again, as well as taking care of your family…

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