6 Steps to Turboboost Your Productivity for Female Entrepreneurs!

The “Must Have” Guide to Get You Laser Focused and Save You TIME

Learn how to get clear on the 20% of activities that generate 80% of your results! Your ability to identify and focus on the top 20% of tasks will determine your quality of life, business success and the results you’ll be getting. It will help you reclaim your focus, become more productive and be less stressed and overwhelmed. 

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  • How to identify what your key activities are
  • How to reduce stress by getting super efficient, creating more TIME
  • How to start making more money when you stop wasting time on the tasks that don't actually generate revenue

"Hi! My name is Irina and I highly recommend Marina's course. I have been working with her for the last 6 months. Before we started working together, I was struggling to make progress with my career and academic studies - my days were full of endless chores. PowerSystem helped me to put my priorities right and get motivated. Today, my energy is back, my life is more organised and I am ready to achieve bigger goals. Now I see a real change in my life and feel really good about the future!"

Irina Miles
Business Consultant

Hey there! I'm Marina... 

I'm the founder of the award nominated PowerSystem, an IIN qualified international Health Coach, a member of the UKHCA, a Columbia Business School MBA, an Amazon best selling author and a speaker.

PowerSystem is a 5 Step Process designed to help entrepreneurial women set the foundations for time and financial freedom. Together, we set the groundwork in your own life first so that you can clarify your goals, set realistic tasks and create a roadmap that delivers results.

As an entrepreneur and mother of four, I really appreciate how important it is to pick your tasks wisely if you want to get things done. The method in this guide has helped so many of my clients (and me!) get clear on what activities to focus on to maximise time and results. I would love for you to start getting super productive and I think this guide can help you with that. Enjoy!


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