4 Steps to Reduce Stress and Make 2020 Your Year to Shine!

Feb 09, 2020

Hello there! I’m so happy you’re here! My name is Marina Newington and I’m the Founder of PowerSystem, a 5-step process designed to help entrepreneurial women find the clarity, confidence and energy to make life’s big decisions.

Today, we’re going to dive into 4 Steps to Reduce Stress and Make 2020 Your Year to Shine!

I chose this topic because I know that you want to move forward with your business, but let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to fine tune your focus! Getting distracted by the next shiny object may seem like the mystical magical pill that will give you a shortcut to success, but more often than not just leads to loads of stress – and who wants that?

Now are you feeling stressed? I was!

At the end of last year I let myself get so stressed that it totally took me out. Through a combination of being overworked and a lack of proper planning, my body started falling apart. You know when your body says “no more” regardless of what’s on your agenda? First it was my back, then my wrist, then my neck and finally tennis elbow! I couldn't exercise anymore and I could barely move without pain. Thank god for emergency physio sessions! So how did this happen?

At the end of last year, I got so excited to create new content for all of you that I ended up putting too much on my plate at once. Sound familiar? From a work perspective, I created a 5 day challenge and a workshop without fully appreciating how much time the creation and promotion process would involve. It’s not that I’m not happy to take the time to create content for you, it’s that the timing was misjudged as it was also holiday time, end of term, end of the year and family time. It was all too much.

This year I learned my lesson, and did it differently and already have seen a huge shift in my

  • Stress
  • Productivity
  • Motivation

I want the same for you, so let's dive in! 

Today I am really excited to talk about the 4 Steps to Reduce Stress and Make 2020 Your Year to Shine!

Step 1

Pick your main objective for the year. What do you want to focus on this year? 

  • To generate revenue? 
  • To build brand awareness and increase your exposure ? 
  • To build an audience and followers on social media?
  • To grow your email list?

If you had to pick a primary and secondary objective, what would they be?  The number one thing you must do is set your objectives for the year.

Step 2

The 80/20 Exercise. If you know me, you’ll know that I put together a fantastic FREE PDF for you so that you can do this exercise in your own time. It's a really fantastic tool to identify which of your activities generate the largest percentage of results. Want to know more? Download the PDF here and listen to the detailed explanation in the lesson! 

Step 3

Plan the 20% most productive activities you identified in Step 2 into your calendar. Now this is really important: don't underestimate how much time it takes to create and to deliver. I made this mistake at the end of last year and I don’t want you to do it too! Plan your activities in a way that gives you plenty of time to create and to promote. Also, don’t forget to take holiday and family time into account when doing your planning. For example, If it’s not realistic for you to commit to a big project over the summer because that is the time you focus on your family, plan around it and do the activity either before or after. Make sense?

Step 4

Top tips and strategies to make planning easier. Most importantly, plan time to plan. Does that sound crazy? It’s not - it’s a life saver. If, for example, you do a weekly newsletter, then plan a content creation for 6 weeks of newsletters into your calendar. This means you should diarise a  three hour session every six weeks into your calendar where you can focus and get your task done. In that way, you won't be scrambling around every week looking for content. Also, plan a monthly planning session of what you want to get done for the month ahead. I teach this "Perfect Personal Planner" system in detail to my clients as part of the second Pillar of PowerSystem - O getting Organised.

So there you have it, 4 steps for reducing your stress levels and making 2020 the year to shine. I have implemented these steps in my life and they are definitely what is making me more productive and stress free right now. It's why I can live the life I love. And by the way, I am back to tennis, training and pilates, and have also lost 7 pounds. Life with less stress is bliss! 

So let's recap the 4 steps to reduce your stress:

  1. Establish your primary and secondary objectives for the year
  2. Complete The 80/20 exercise where you identify and prioritise the 20 percent of your actions that generate 80 percent of your results 
  3. Plan your most productive activities into your calendar. Don't underestimate how long it takes to get things done and allow yourself buffer space so that you are able to create and deliver
  4. Plan your planning annually, monthly and weekly. Group things together and give it your laser focus to increase productivity 

I had some great questions in the Q&A at the end. If you want to find out what they were and the details of the four steps with real world examples, then be sure to check out the video!

During the lesson, I talked about my Big rocks to a Happy Life video, here is the link for that: https://youtu.be/soyu7FuIVlM

I also promised you this awesome freebie - my worksheet on how to make The 80/20 Exercise work for you.

Committed to your success,

Marina x


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