5 Steps to Fast Track Your Productivity and Get You More Time!

Feb 16, 2020

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Having a workspace that's organised and free of clutter can supercharge your productivity, giving you room to complete more tasks and freeing you from visual, stress-producing distractions. Maybe you've put off tackling the mess because you're somehow attached to what's in the room, are pressed for time or flat out don't want to make choices about your stuff. But whatever the reason, here's the way out: 

On Monday, 24 February, I will be hosting the  

5 Day TurboBoost Your Productivity Challenge to overcome workplace overwhelm 

This 5 Day Challenge will be taking place in my Female Entrepreneurs Craving Time and Financial Freedom  on 24 February and I would love for you to join us! You can register here.

In the challenge, I go into lots of detail about how the process works, but today, I wanted to give you an overview so that you can get started and get more productive right away!

Now clearing up is about more than throwing out post it notes. I also want to talk to you about making your workspace: 

  • Efficient with a productive workflow 
  • Organised with zones of function 
  • Personalised with your own touches to make it beautiful!  

So what are the 5 steps you need to take?  

Step 1 

Set an intention. You need to be at peace with what won’t get done in work and in life while you allocate the time to clear your clutter. Remember, if it’s not in the calendar, it doesn’t happen, so make sure to schedule time for this. I promise it will save you time in the long run!

Step 2 

Define problem areas. You need to figure out where the problems in your work space are most significant. Here are some areas to investigate:

  • Papers lying around all over the place
  • Sticky notes everywhere 
  • Freebies from networking events and seminars
  • Business cards
  • Office supplies
  • Unopened mail and packages 

Step 3 

Design a workflow for your space comprised of different zones. When I say workflow, I mean understanding how you work and what you need to have physically nearby. Put the things that get used all the time close to you, and the things that get used less frequently further away, out of sight. As for zones, these are areas of functionality and some examples include:

  • Filing
  • Personal items 
  • Stationary
  • Emergency items
  • Electronics

Step 4  

Start sorting! Define different types of clutter and sort into: 

  • Stuff to digitise – business cards, handwritten notes, documents 
  • Stuff to file - put them to the side and file them!!
  • Stuff to do - a work to do pile, and life to do pile. 
  • Stuff to throw away – receipts, food, post it notes 
  • Unfinished projects 

Now it's time to take everything off your desk and clean it! Polish it, make it smell nice and then start putting things back according to the workflow and zones you mapped out in Step 3.  As you put each item back, think about it for a minute and really ask yourself if you need this item. 

Step 5 

Personalise – make the area your own! Add personal items like photos, motivational messages and plants. Don’t be scared to use colours and textures you love – for example, I have loads of my favourite colour, purple! 

If you like these steps and you want to know more, please join me for my 5 Day TurboBoost Your Productivity Challenge where I will go into much more detail about what you need to do with step by step instructions to give you the focus and time you’re missing in order to Supercharge your productivity!  Register here.

Let's get into some questions:

Q. Can you tell me more about the Challenge, how do I sign up, what time is it? 

A. The challenge is online, so you can come at whatever time you want. I have to set the event for 8am but you can work on it at your convenience!  Everyday you will get an email with all the details for that day's activities and focus. There will also be a daily video and more detail posted in the facebook group, where I will also be answering questions and cheering you on.  

Q.  Can you give me tips on how can I stay organised after I do this so I don't end up in the same situation later?

A. Great question!  So you've taken away the clutter and you're getting so much more stuff done. But what happens when it starts to get messy again, and slowly starts creeping back? You have to plan your planning! I mentioned this in last week's vlog  4 Steps to Reduce Stress.  You need to regularly reassess what you're doing and where you are. If you do a monthly planning session, which I highly recommend, incorporate the steps above into your session. If things are starting to creep into your work area again, it should be a quick fix to clear them away since you already know what to do.


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