5 Tips to Set Intentions that Change Everything!

Feb 24, 2020

What is an intention? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an intention is "a determination to act in a certain way: an aim or purpose." Sometimes without an intention, we act without meaning or direction. It can be compared to just driving around aimlessly, without ever having a destination in mind. However, with a destination - or intention - in mind, the universe's forces can align to make even the most difficult things possible. It may sound a bit woowoo, but your intentions will give you greater control of your life.


I want to share an example of this with you that just happened.


Firstly, I want to ask if I’m the only one who dreads the annual ski holiday?

When I go skiing with my family, I take lessons every morning, meet up with everyone for lunch and then finish for the day by going back to the hotel to have a bath, a massage or catch up on my work. Sounds perfect, right? Then why is it that I dread the annual ski holiday? 

Some people really love skiing. For me, it’s more of a service to my family. My husband and kids love it, but I feel like I get left behind because quite honestly, I’m full of fear and I don’t want to ski the runs that they do. I am probably a better skier than I give myself credit for, but I don’t have confidence in my own abilities. So this year I set an intention and it changed everything.

I spent years dreading the ski holiday and endlessly replaying my negative tapes. You know what I mean, right? Things like focusing on what I didn’t like, what could go wrong and what I was scared of. This year I set an intention and everything was transformed. I resolved to do it differently this year by facing my fears and being in the moment. I wasn’t going to spend my time worrying; my intention was to ski a black run and enjoy myself while doing it. What was the result?


I skied the two longest black runs in the resort and felt AMAZING afterwards!

It really worked for me and now I would like to share 5 tips with you to make setting intentions easier:

1 - Be careful with your words!

Some words imply things that we don’t even realise. Did you know the word want, really means lack? That’s why it’s so much more constructive to say, "I choose to have a new job" instead of "I want a new job.” The second one implies that there is something that you’re missing while the first is an active choice. Another dangerous word is “I hope,” because it can leave the door open for potential defeat. A stronger option would be, "I will."


2 - Be clear and specific.

Instead of saying something vague like, "I want more abundance," try to get specific because abundance can mean many things from family to money to nature. For example, if it's a successful business you want, say “I will have a successful business.” If it's relationship you’re after, then say “I will have a fulfilling relationship.” Get the idea?

3 - Stop listening to your own negative “tapes.” When your subconscious is playing those negative tapes (also known as self-limiting beliefs) like “I'm not good enough, I can't do this, I don't deserve it,” your goals most likely won't get accomplished. But if you can use setting an intention to bring your conscious and subconscious minds together to play the same positive tape, you have much more chance for success.


4 - Practice gratitude. 

Even the worst day has one or two bright spots. It is so helpful to write down a couple of things that you are grateful for every night. “Gratitude is one of the best ways to create the abundance consciousness,” says Deepak Chopra “because you'll focus on the source of all those things that came into your life, and they'll continue to open to you.” The benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless including more positive emotions, feeling more alive, sleeping better, expressing more compassion and kindness, and even having stronger immune systems. To find out more about gratitude, click here.


5 - Lather, rinse, repeat...

Write down your intention, say it and repeat it over and over again. I encourage my clients to do daily morning affirmations based on their core values, the essence of who you are and the principles and fundamental beliefs that you hold to be of worth in your life. While doing this daily practice would be a great time for to also declare your daily intention and make it part of your morning routine. To find out more about core values, click here

So there you have it! What intention will you be setting?

Committed to Your Success,

Marina x





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