Bounce Back Interview for MPower Podcast

Nov 16, 2020

I have to be honest with you and say that things have been challenging recently. This latest lockdown has me feeling pretty stuck. I can't go anywhere, there's nothing to do and it seems to be endlessly raining, so not much opportunity for taking a walk. This time around, three of my kids are back at school - which is a great thing - but it means that only child is living at home now. On top of that I caught a cold - NOT Covid, just a cold that has totally knocked me out. 


Sounds pretty mis, right? Here's the thing though, I know that this will pass. I have faced some real adversity in my past and I was able to not only bounce back, but to build something better and stronger than what I had before.


Can you relate to this? I know a lot of us are feeling down right now, but have you had an opportunity to push forward despite that?  In this week's vlog, I am so excited to share a recent interview I gave to Nicola Hulin on doing just that.


Nicola is the founder of Mpower, an award-winning business coach & mentor, marketing strategist, TEDx speaker, author (The Invisible Revolution) who gives heart-centred female entrepreneurs the inspiration, business insights and practical advice they need to build a business they love AND enjoy life with the ones they love most.


In addition to all that, Nicola was my first business mentor and the person who helped begin my entrepreneurial journey. 


During the summer, I was thrilled when Nicola asked to interview me as part of a serious on women in business where "we bring you the extraordinary stories and secrets of those who’ve bounced back from the unimaginable.

Our mission is to inspire, empower and equip you to not just bounce back from tough times but to bounce forward even stronger and thrive as a woman, mother and successful business owner."


This week, I am so excited to share my episode in Nicola's Bounce Back interview series :


Episode 24 - How to bounce back stronger in health and personal power with Marina Newington


Join me as I talk to Marina, creator of PowerSystem, as she shares her story of how relocating to the other side of the world with her family became the turning point of no longer living for other people. It was the catalyst to take her power back, focus on her priorities from health and spirituality to retraining as a coach to then starting her own award nominated business helping other women get their power back.


I invite you to listen by clicking this link HERE.


If you have a bounce back story to share, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.


Committed to your success,


Marina x 


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