Change Your Mindset and Find Joy in What You Fear

Apr 19, 2018

Am I the only one who dreads the annual ski holiday?

When I go skiing with my family, I take lessons every morning, meet up with everyone for lunch and then finish for the day going back to the hotel to have a bath, a massage or catch up on my work. Sounds perfect, right? Then why is it that I dread the annual ski holiday?

Some people really love skiing. For me, it’s more of a service to my family. My husband and kids love it, but I feel like I get left behind because quite honestly, I’m full of fear and I don’t want to ski the runs that they do. I am probably a better skier than I give myself credit for, but I don’t have confidence in my own abilities.

4 steps towards transforming your experience:

Step 1 – Set an intention

I spent years dreading the ski holiday focusing on what I didn’t like, what could go wrong and what I was scared of. This year I changed my mindset and everything was transformed. I resolved to do it differently this year by facing my fears and being in the moment. I wasn’t going to spend my time worrying; my intention was to enjoy myself.

Step 2 – Stop and enjoy the now

I was much aided by five days of glorious sunshine that made the conditions easier for me to ski. On the first day, I started on the blue slopes as I always do, but really took time to appreciate the beauty around me and to listen to the advice of my instructor. I did drills and went outside my comfort zone, but remained in control. Mostly, I relaxed and enjoyed the view.

Step 3 – Believe in yourself

The second day I skied fairly easy runs to get my confidence up and to improve my technique. The third day we went to a different ski area and as we were going up in the lift, I noticed a very steep “dark” red run below me. “I will never ski that ridiculously steep run,” I said. We stayed to the easier reds and admired the spectacular scenery that day. The fourth day my instructor took me to the easiest black run on the mountain and I skied it! I couldn’t believe it! It was out of my comfort zone, but I skied it without a problem. I felt such a sense of accomplishment!

Step 4 – Face your fears

The fifth day I told my instructor that I wanted to go for it – really push myself. We went back to the ski area from the third day and you guessed it – I skied that really steep red that I thought I never would (pictured). I had to give myself a little talking to before giving it a go along the lines of “you have this, you can do this!” In the end, even though I was a bit nervous, I did it anyway and succeeded!

A View to Next Year

By being positive, I could focus on the now, not what was ahead. By believing in myself I was able to conquer a lot of my fear (although I’m not ready to ski with the kids yet!). So for all those people that go skiing with their families without enjoying their time there, I encourage you to look at the positives like the beautiful scenery, the delicious lunches and the wonderful family time being active and not staring at screens. You may just find that you start looking forward to next year…

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