Christmas Present Guide

Dec 17, 2019

🎁🎄One week left until Christmas!🎄🎁

Is this something that fills you with joy🎉or dread? If you still feel behind in the Christmas game and are struggling with gift ideas, then I have you covered!

I am so excited to share this Vlog with you! Today, I am sharing a FREE excerpt from my “Frantic to Zen - Get Out of Panic Mode and Enjoy the Holidays Masterclass.”

In this section I focus on everything having to do with presents 🎁from last minute gifts you may need for your yoga instructor, gardener or kid's teacher to your in-laws, your children or your always challenging partner.

What do you get the person who likes sports or wine? I give you loads of ideas! How about teenagers? That's in there too. You also get websites, links and tips for online shopping, PLUS... I give you a great back up present idea to have on hand so you never have to get caught out on those last minute gifts!

What do you do with the presents once you bought them? I also provide best bets for wrapping paper, bows and tags that will save you money and time. I even have a special top tip that I saved for the end - it will take all the stress out of present wrapping....🎁🎉

See, I told you I got you covered!

Why I am giving you all this for free when it is part of my paid for Masterclass, a £97 value?

Because I wanted to share my best tips with you in the final countdown to Christmas to offer some help and take the stress out of a really fun and special time of year. I really love this holiday period and I really want you to enjoy it too, so this is my gift to you!

If you like this Vlog and the tips I give you and you want more, you can enter to win the whole Frantic to Zen Masterclass on my instagram account:

In addition to presents, the Masterclass covers cards, the tree, entertainment and most importantly - the FOOD! You also get a printable slide deck and 3 cheat sheets with all the web links, a timeline and a checklist as well as the full recording.

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