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Apr 20, 2020

What happens to your morning routine when you go on holiday? Does it go out the window or do you keep it going?

I'm not saying that lockdown is holiday, but I always find it difficult to maintain my routine when I experience change, and this lockdown situation is change on a fundamental level! It has taken me a few weeks to find my new groove and I'm sure you probably have felt the same way. If you have given up on your routine, then it's time to put it back in place - especially when it comes to exercise!

We always hear about how important exercise is and I’m here to tell you that it’s true! If your energy levels are low, you feel winded going up the stairs and can’t keep up with your kids, you run out of steam when it comes to getting your work done - especially by the afternoon - and there is nothing left for you or your partner come evening. Exercise can help you with all these things!

I know it can be hard to begin, but if you do start exercising regularly:

  • It will help you to lose weight and love the way you look
  • It will give you enough energy to get through the day and then have something left over for the night time to socialise and have me time
  • It will also improve your mood, your skin, and your stamina, and it will even help you have better sex with your partner! 😉

To help you towards these amazing outcomes, I have created something really special. My Personal Trainer, Antony of COMPLEX, has collaborated with me to bring you two easily actionable workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home. I have been training with Antony for over 5 years and he is by far the BEST trainer I have ever had - he really knows his stuff! 

Click here to get your 2 FREE Workouts!

Do you want 2 FREE fantastic and easily actionable 15 minute workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home to get energised and boost your mood?

What you'll get:

  • Interview with Antony of COMPLEX explaining everything you need to know from frequency and order to safety and progression. 
  • Great tips about what household items you can use around the house to increase difficulty levels. 
  • Workout 1 - 15 Minute Bodyweight Workout
  • Workout 2 - 15 Minute Kettlebell Workout

At the end, you also get next steps with ideas about how to stay consistent and save TIME during your week to help you make TIME to do these workouts!

Join me and let's get moving! 


Click here to get your 2 FREE Workouts!


If you're worried that you don't have time to do these workouts, even though they're only 15 minutes a day, then I have some great strategies to save you time every single day. As many of you know, I love teaching about productivity in all aspects of life. Given the current climate though, where we are stuck at home having to feed our families every meal, every single day, I would like to offer you some time saving shortcuts focused on the kitchen and how to get out of it! By following the strategies in the following resources you will be able to save hours every week giving you the time you need to work on yourself and your business. I have three suggestions for you:


  1. My FREE Cook Once - Eat Three Times Guide.
  2. My FREE 5 Day Menu Planning Challenge coming up from 20-24 April in my Facebook group, Female Entrepreneurs Craving Time and Financial Freedom
  3. My Feed the Family Formula


FREE RECIPE GUIDE! "Cook Once - Eat Three Times"

Since the whole Coronavirus hit, I find myself at home with four kids and no restaurants, movie theatres, sports activities or even extended time outside to entertain them.  Feeding everyone well for every meal has become my main priority and I have realised that I am not the only mum in this situation. One of my superpowers is making delicious and nutritious food, quickly and efficiently and I now want to share some of my best secrets with you! 

That's why I created the Cook Once - Eat Three Times guide. It has some of the great recipes and strategies I use to feed my family and will help you to save TIME and MONEY without spending the whole day in the kitchen! To get yours FREE, just click here.



We all find ourselves in strange and difficult times where we are suddenly responsible for feeding our families every meal, every day for who knows how long? As a mum of 4, I am in the same boat as you and get what a hassle it is.

I really want to make all of this easier for you, which is why I will be running a FREE 5-Day Menu Planning Challenge in my Facebook Group, Female Entrepreneurs Craving Time and Financial Freedom, from 20 - 24 April.

My fun and super helpful challenge, will help you make quick, easy and delicious meals that help you save TIME and MONEY while freeing you from hours of planning and cooking. To register, just click here.


FEED THE FAMILY FORMULA - A Total Two Week Solution! 

If you’re looking to take the hassle out of meal planning and recipe creation while feeding your family with delicious foods quickly and easily, having a done for you plan with time saving strategies is critical

That’s why I created the Feed the Family Formula to give you everything you need to make quick, easy and delicious meals so that you can save TIME and MONEY while freeing yourself from hours of planning and cooking.

Here’s what the Feed the Family Formula will help you do:

👉🏻Stop Worrying About What to Make Next 

Get two weeks of Done For You Meal Plans including daily breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner recipes 

👉🏻Cut down the TIME you spend in the kitchen 

Get Step by Step Strategies explaining batching, preparation and the art of reusing 

👉🏻If the Stores Don't have What You Need 

Get Shopping Lists and Substitutions so that you know exactly what to buy, and what to do

👉🏻Have Fun in the Kitchen 

Get Over 55 Recipes that will get the whole family involved and even have your kids begging to lick the bowl


Normally, to get all of this, you would have to pay £125 for all the meal plans, recipes, tutorials, videos and guides, but because of the extraordinary circumstances we all find ourselves in, I am offering this total two week solution for only £49 - you can save £76!


 ⭐️by getting in during this special early bird enrolment you can save an additional £24, that’s a £100 savings!

I know you’re going to LOVE this course and all the TIME you will save. 

PLUS I have an AMAZING BONUS for you!

For the first 20 people that sign up, I will do a 60 minute private zoom call answering ALL your questions and offering even MORE tips, ideas and advice!

🌟To sign up, just click here🌟

I hope you choose to check out one of these resources and start saving TIME and MONEY today! 


Committed to your success,

Marina x 

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