Goals Are Your #1 ASSET

Dec 04, 2020

Setting Goals.


Is that an empowering phrase to you, or a scary one?


Lots of people get thrown by creating goals because they’ve had a lot of flops in the past from setting goals that were too vague, aggressive or poorly framed. Working towards a poorly crafted goal can feel daunting and unachievable. It can make you want to quit.


Have you been there? I know I have!


Instead, I want to help you create goals that are a huge ASSET to your business and your life.  When I started making goal creation a priority in my business, everything changed for me and I want the same for you. Setting effective goals allows you to achieve more by providing focus, enhancing productivity, boosting self-esteem and increasing commitment.


Did you know that solid goals could do all that for you? That’s why they are your #1 ASSET. We’re going to use that phrase to explain the 5 steps towards successful goal setting.


Sound good? Then let me show you how…


Firstly, let me ask you if you’ve heard of SMART goals? SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based. A SMART goal incorporates all of these criteria to help focus your efforts and increase the chances of achieving your goal.


The SMART methodology is a truly great system for goal setting, but I have taken it a step further and want to share my spin on it with you. My version is more holistic taking in the whole picture making sure that your goals are not only SMART, but also aligned with your core values and your passion. I call this the Secret Sauce That Makes Work Fun (read more about that here) and when you combine the two, you have magic!


Shall we jump in?


ASSET stands for

A – Align

S – Specify

S – Stretch

E – Evaluate

T - Time


Step 1 – Align

The first step of goal setting is to understand if your goal is aligned to your core values, your passion, your why.  If you’re not clear on what these are for you, start with my free guide, 5 Steps to Make You Happy. When deciding on a goal, ask yourself why that goal is important to you, how achieving it will help you and how it will contribute toward your long-term goals. An aligned goal can answer "yes" to these questions:


  • Does this seem worthwhile?
  • Is this the right time?
  • Does this match my other efforts/needs?
  • Is it applicable in the current socio-economic environment?


Step 2 - Specify

Now that you know why you are choosing a goal, you can begin to define it. A big stumbling block I often see amongst my students is establishing goals that are so vague that it is not clear what they are trying to accomplish which means they are not clear on what they are working towards.  The narrower your goal, the more you’ll understand the steps necessary to achieve it.


For example, instead of saying, “this year, I’m going to increase my revenue,” let’s reframe it in a way that is more defined like “I’m going to increase my revenue by 20 percent”, or “my revenue goal for 2021 is $100,000.”


See what a difference that makes?


When your goals are specific, you know what success looks like and can measure it.


Step 3 – Stretch

Challenge yourself, but don’t set yourself up to fail by creating goals which are so out of reach, you have no hope of achieving them. Nothing is more demoralizing, and it will make you more likely to quit before you even get started.


It can be scary to set really stretching goals, but here’s a good way to start: Why not set your “comfort” goals (those which you feel pretty confident about) and alongside those you can also set yourself some stretch targets which may feel scarier but will push you to be innovative and focused.


The important thing to remember here is to push yourself out of your comfort zone while staying realistic!


Step 4 – Evaluate

There is no point in setting goals if you’re not able to track your progress and review your results. If you’ve made your targets specific, then you’ll already have given yourself some clear measurables to work towards, but then you need to spot any problem areas in your strategy and try to improve on them.  In addition, assessing progress helps you to stay focused, meet your deadlines, and feel the excitement of getting closer to achieving your goal.

Another great advantage of evaluating goals is that it keeps you focused on measuring the right things and stops you from becoming obsessed with those vanity metrics that we all love so much, but which often have very little to do with our actual business goals!


Step 5 – Time

You now know what goals you want to achieve, how you’re going to measure them and why they’re important to your business. Now, you just need to add a timescale.


Every goal needs a target date, so that you have a deadline to focus on and something to work toward. This deadline setting helps to prevent everyday tasks from taking priority over your longer-term goals.


Not only does adding a timescale make your goals more specific and measurable, but it also helps when it comes to planning your time and creating your strategy. Once you give your goals timescales, you will be able to set milestones that allow you to monitor your progress and review your strategy where necessary.


So now you know how to create goals for your business that will get you off to the perfect start for this coming year. Hurrah!


What happens next is up to you. You can do what we all do so often and let those goals gather dust for the rest of the year, lost and forgotten.


Or, you can use them to shape your planning, to align all your business activities and manage your time. That’s what goals are meant for.

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Committed to your success,


Marina x

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