It's Canapé Time!

Dec 09, 2019

It's December and that means Party Time!  Woohoo! 🎉🎉

I'm a really social person and I love parties, but at this time of year, I find that eating can be a real minefield. So many events to attend and so many delicious things on offer...

The big question is how to enjoy the holidays without overeating. No one wants to feel  unwell and overindulged, but it's a fine line to walk between overdoing it and having a great time! 

In this week's vlog, I talk about how to tackle canapés at various occasions that crop up at this time of year. From setting an eating intention BEFORE you even go out, to detailing which canapés to avoid and to which you should say "yes please!" I have you covered.

For even more great tips on Christmas Eating, then check out this article on

GoodtoKnow from Woman's Own

where I am featured with more great tips including:

‘If the canapés are your dinner, however, you can eat more, but be conscious of how many you have all together. Ask yourself if the amount is bigger than a dinner portion. If it’s coming close, then stop.’


‘It’s a good idea to avoid the more sugary drinks like mojitos and creamy ones like eggnog,’ says Marina. Vodka, lime and sodas and slimline G&Ts are your best bet.

If these ideas resonate with you, then let me know in my Facebook group, Female Entrepreneurs Craving Time and Financial Freedom If you have any tips and ideas of your own to share, then please do come to my group and let us all know! 

Have a great time!

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