Productivity Mindshift Interview - The Highlights

May 24, 2020

 Have you been feeling productive lately?


Has this whole lockdown situation spurred you into action, or has it sent you to the soft cradle of Netflix?  For me it has been a bit of both as I initially struggled but have now found my feet and adjusted to the new reality we are all operating in.


Having just moved house, I have been up to my ears in boxes and have been working hard to be productive and organised, so I am definitely back in the flow. How about you? If you have been taking it easy and are now ready to get going or if you are already being productive and want some extra motivation, then I hope you will love this recent interview with Cindy Logan which took place during the Productivity Mindshift Summit: Discover how to get out of your way to get things done. Cindy knows how perfectionism, fear of failure, and believing there isn’t enough time can keep us bogged down in overwhelm and inaction. So, she created an interview series, where she picked the brains of over 20 awesome people like… yours truly! 

To listen to the whole interview, please click here.

I wanted to share this interview with you to give you you some great tips and ideas on how to get productive starting now! Here are some time stamps that are worth watching out for:

3:38 - Organisational tips that I use in my home and with my children

4:18 - The importance of putting systems in place to maximize your productivity 

5:55 - Achieving transformation by taking the time to first set strong foundations rather than rushing into action

6:48 - PowerSystem explained

10:10 - This one is really juicy: Why you need to invest time to make time

13:11 - The importance of honouring appointments with yourself

15:22 - How to increase your workspace productivity by creating zones of functionality and workflow (to get all the details about how to do this and find out more about the challenge I talk about, join my facebook group here.)

17:35 - Why I created the Feed the Family Formula to give you everything you need to make quick, easy and delicious meals so that you can save TIME and MONEY while freeing yourself from hours of planning and cooking.(Find out more here.)

19:20 - A secret superpower I have revealed... ­čśé

21:53 - 6 Steps to Turboboosting your Productivity

22:57 - What feels better than achieving a goal?


So there you have it! Now, let me ask you this:

Have you noticed a shift recently?

While the first 4 or 5 weeks of this lockdown threw our worlds upside down as we all tried to adjust to a life without the liberties we are used to as well as a house full of kids who were there all the time, I have been hearing from friends and clients recently that things are now different.
As we have adjusted to the situation, many of us are now ready to move forward, stand strong and get productive!  That is why I created this FREE guide to help you get clear on what activities to focus on to maximise time and results. To make that change, start taking action and turboboost your productivity, just click here: 

6 steps to Turboboost Your Productivity

Committed to your success,
Marina x

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