The serving size secret you must know

Apr 19, 2018

Quick Quiz:
How many portions are in a bag of snack-size whole grain crackers? Or a small bottle of locally- pressed juice? Or a lunchbox pack of granola bars?

It’s not “one.” Often, the above products contain two or two-and-a-half servings per package.

Can YOU Eat Just One?

Sure, you could go ahead and enjoy just half the bag, but are you really going to do that?
Don’t beat yourself up if the answer is no: If you place food in front of most people, they tend to eat it all. It’s just the way we’re wired.

The Perils of Supersizing

Eating too much food in one sitting is hard on your body. Here’s why:

  • Food is meant to be spread throughout the day. Overdosing on too much food at one time can cause a painful, upset, and sluggish digestion.

  • It releases a surge of glucose  into your blood. Your pancreas has to work overtime, pumping insulin through the body to absorb all that extra glucose. This can make you feel spacey, weak, irritable, or headachy.

  • Thinking there is some type of emergency, your adrenal glands go into “fight or flight” mode and release adrenaline and cortisol, which is the body’s natural response to stress.

  • When your blood sugar levels finally plummet, you experience wicked cravings for more food—specifically simple carbs or sweets.

  • Research has found that immune system function is affected for at least five hours after consuming large amounts of simple carbohydrates. 


5 Tips to Kick Portion Distortion
  1. Use smaller containers. Separate leftovers into single serving containers so you’re less tempted to eat a whole big container.
  2. When cooking at home, make enough vegetables to at least fill half your plate. This will help control your grain and protein portions.
  3. Have a small salad or a glass of water before your meal. It will curb your appetite and give you a sense of satiety. 
  4. Buy single serving snacks or portion food into individual bags. You’re less likely to overeat when you decide how much you’re going to eat before starting.
  5. Keep seconds out of sight. Leave food in the kitchen or package leftovers right away to avoid temptations. 
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