Why Finding Your Why is CRITICAL to a Happy Life

Jun 28, 2020
Not long ago, I was approached by the very lovely Kate Surala to be part of a wonderful project she is co-launching with Sarah Wagner focusing on their upcoming book called Unleash Today, coming out Autumn 2020. The project focuses on helping young, ambitious women new to the world of work and career reach their full potential. I am delighted to be a contributing writer to the book where I share my career advice, lessons learned, and insights.

Earlier this week, Kate interviewed me on Instagram Live to understand how finding my why began my entrepreneurial journey and to find out what advice I would offer to young women starting out in this very challenging environment. Some of my key takeaways included:

- Prior to taking action, clearly visualise where you want to go. 

- In order to find your motivation, you must first discover your core values, vision and passion.

- It's about progress, not perfection. As Marie Forleo says, "Start before you are ready." Life is a journey and there is no such thing as the perfect path. You just need to make a start and then find out what is right for you as you develop experience.

- To boost your productivity, write ONLY 3-4 things (both for life and work) you need to do every day and NOT a huge to-do list. This action point will keep you focused and help you stay motivated.

- Self-care is about honouring the appointments we make with ourselves. Consider an appointment with yourself as important as a doctor's appointment.

To catch the full interview, click here:
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I was very inspired by this interview and thought I would take a moment in this week's vlog to share with you the story of how I discovered my why and what I did with it. While knowledge and understanding is the critical first step, nothing happens without action, right? In the video above I share my journey with you of how I went from my low point, to the discovery of my why to my entrepreneurial adventure into the present that led me to create PowerSystem, my 5-step process specifically designed to help entrepreneurial women set the foundations for time and financial freedom.


This is a truth I learned: By investing the time up front to discover what you are passionate about, you will give yourself the enthusiasm, drive and motivation to create a life that is happy, satisfied and fulfilled.


I want to share this message with you because I want you to know that getting your POWER back is totally achievable, but it does requires you to dig deep, open yourself to new learning and new mentors and to visualise what success looks like and feels like for you.  


I would love to hear about where you are in your journey and would be honoured for you to share in the comments below what your why is! But, if you are feeling stuck and having a hard time figuring out your why, then I have an amazing FREE resource for you to help you figure out your core values and incorporate them into your daily life.


To get your free copy now, just click here:


5 Simple Steps to Make You Happy


Committed to your success,


Marina x

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