Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Stick

Jan 25, 2021

🎉Happy New Year! 🎉


Over the last few years, my family has had a tradition of starting the year by going around the table and sharing our New Year’s Resolutions. We then go back around the table and suggest resolutions for each other. Dangerous stuff I know! Fortunately, we haven’t killed each other yet.


But seriously, the act of setting a resolution is both important and rewarding, especially as we come out of 2020 which was such a disaster for so many.  The need to set goals and resolutions is more important than ever for 2021 as they give us something to hope for, to look forward to and to strive for.  


Have you made any New Year resolutions for this year? How are they going? Are you finding them difficult or easy to stick to?


Here's the bad news – New Year’s Resolutions usually don't work. What? On average, 64% of resolutions are abandoned by February. Isn’t it crazy that so many of us make resolutions that we can't keep?


Don't let this be you!


Here’s the good news - below, I discuss the top 7 reasons why resolutions don't stick and the 7 solutions to put in place that will enable you to turn the negatives around and make your resolutions last all year!


Ready to drill down and discover why people find it so hard to stick to their resolutions?


Problem 1 - The "Should"

Most resolutions are based on what you "should" do, or what you think is expected by your peers or society like "I should eat vegan" or "I shouldn't drink more than one glass of wine." But are these resolutions aligned with what you actually want? If not, chances are that you won’t be likely to carry them out.


You need to get really honest with yourself about what you actually want to change about yourself or your situation. If it is something truly meaningful to you then you will be more likely to find the motivation to see it through.


Problem 2 - Too Vague

Most resolutions are too broad and general, like "I will exercise more" or "I will eat healthy." These resolutions are so vague that they become too difficult to action and don't happen.


Get specific about what you want to do. For example, if it's about exercising more, set a goal of doing a run or walk on Tuesdays and Sundays or whatever two days work for you. The more specific the better! Another example is instead of eating healthy, commit to adding two green vegetables to your diet every day. See how this works?


Problem 3 - No Plan for Execution

Most resolutions are made without a plan to support them and the follow through to make them work. Unfortunately, committing to a resolution that you have no idea how to execute is not usually a recipe for success.


The best way to resolve this is to look at your end goal and break it up into achievable weekly goals that make you feel like you are achieving success in the present while working towards something in the future. Going back to the running example, set a 10-minute running target for week 1. Then for week 2 you can increase your target to 15 minutes and then for week 3 to 20 minutes, etc.


Problem 4 - Overwhelming

Many resolutions are a bigger time commitment than you realised and become too overwhelming to action. You just don't have the time to make them happen.


Incorporate resolutions into your daily life instead of trying to tackle the whole thing at once. For example, "I will get organised" becomes "I commit to spending 5 minutes a day becoming clutter free and organised." Everyone can spare five minutes and you will be amazed with what you can get done in just 5 minutes every day. When you make it a daily habit, the resolution becomes achievable!


Problem 5 - Doing it Alone

Most resolutions depend on going it alone and this makes achieving your goals so tough!


Whether it’s quitting smoking, going to the gym or committing to reading more books, get an accountability buddy who is a positive force in your life and do it together. Everything is easier when you have support!


Problem 6 - Lose Motivation

A lot of resolutions fail because people give up too easily. What often happens is that by February, people get discouraged, lose interest or other priorities take precedence. Sound familiar?


To avoid this loss of motivation, try to set achievable benchmarks throughout the year and use the power of positive reinforcement to help you keep your motivation going.


Problem 7 - Progress Not Perfection

Many resolutions don’t succeed because people are just too hard on themselves. They see things as black or white without seeing the shades of grey in between.


You need to celebrate your wins and the progress that you have made! For example, if you set yourself the goal of exercising three times a week and you have only been doing it twice a week, you need to view this as a success and not a failure – you took action and exercised twice a week! Amazing and congratulations! Results aren’t black and white, and we really need to celebrate our progress – this is sure to keep you going.


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