7 Top Tips to Make Gratitude Part of Daily Life

May 31, 2020

I have been hearing from friends and clients lately that it is difficult to keep boredom, negativity and lack of motivation at bay as this lockdown continues to drag on. Do you feel this way?

There does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel as talk circulates about hotels, restaurants and foreign travel once again being a part of our lives. While the hope of these activities can bring some relief, I would challenge you that there is a more proactive action you can take today to lift your spirits that is grounded in acknowledging the upside of the present.

Can you guess what I’m talking about? Gratitude.

Gratitude is a word that is thrown around a lot. But what does it really mean?


What is Gratitude?

We are often told to be grateful, but it can sometimes seem that gratitude is more an obligation than a benefit; just another item on our already overburdened to-do list. We may end up feeling resentful when we are expected to feel grateful particularly under...

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Productivity Mindshift Interview - The Highlights

May 24, 2020

 Have you been feeling productive lately?


Has this whole lockdown situation spurred you into action, or has it sent you to the soft cradle of Netflix?  For me it has been a bit of both as I initially struggled but have now found my feet and adjusted to the new reality we are all operating in.


Having just moved house, I have been up to my ears in boxes and have been working hard to be productive and organised, so I am definitely back in the flow. How about you? If you have been taking it easy and are now ready to get going or if you are already being productive and want some extra motivation, then I hope you will love this recent interview with Cindy Logan which took place during the Productivity Mindshift Summit: Discover how to get out of your way to get things done. Cindy knows how perfectionism, fear of failure, and believing there isn’t enough time can keep us bogged down in overwhelm and inaction. So, she created an...

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6 Top Tips to Look Great on Camera!

May 18, 2020

I would never have believed it if you had told me three months ago what life would be like today, but the reality is that the global pandemic that is Corona has ground much of the world to a halt. Worldwide, tens of millions are working from home as part of social distancing and have had to adjust to a different way of communicating. Amazingly, sitting in front of a webcam for hours has become the new normal – for both business meetings and sharing a “quarantini” during virtual happy hours.


So let me ask you a question - do you now enjoy being on camera?


Personally, I love being in front of the camera and rarely suffer a shy moment (although I have had more than my fair share of insecure ones!). I am well aware, however, that many people can feel really uncomfortable in front of the camera and given how Zoom, Skype and other services have taken over our daily lives on both the work and social front, many are wondering how to look as good on the...

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Beat the Stress - 24 Ways to Reduce Stress in the Midst of Covid-19

May 11, 2020

When was the last time, if ever, that you moved house? How did that go for you? I bet it was a heap of fun with no stress at all!

Moving house is considered one of the three most stressful things you can go through (along with divorce and death), but during lockdown, I can assure you that the stress factor really jumps through the roof! I have spent the last two weeks moving house and if it's stressful normally, it's even more challenging in the current environment. My house has been in chaos and I have really struggled to keep stress levels down as I try to cook for my family, run my business, get out for my daily walk and unpack while setting up the house to a livable standard.

That's why I am focusing on stress busting this week and have an amazing new e-book to help you break through the stress of just trying to get through the difficult situation we find ourselves in and find some calm in  mind and spirit. I hope you enjoy it all, and please let...

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Essential Home Workouts

Apr 20, 2020

What happens to your morning routine when you go on holiday? Does it go out the window or do you keep it going?

I'm not saying that lockdown is holiday, but I always find it difficult to maintain my routine when I experience change, and this lockdown situation is change on a fundamental level! It has taken me a few weeks to find my new groove and I'm sure you probably have felt the same way. If you have given up on your routine, then it's time to put it back in place - especially when it comes to exercise!

We always hear about how important exercise is and I’m here to tell you that it’s true! If your energy levels are low, you feel winded going up the stairs and can’t keep up with your kids, you run out of steam when it comes to getting your work done - especially by the afternoon - and there is nothing left for you or your partner come evening. Exercise can help you with all these things!

I know it can be hard to begin, but if you do start...

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6 Top Tips for Beating the Lockdown Blues

Apr 11, 2020

How are you all coping with the lockdown? It’s been three weeks now and doesn’t look like it’s about to end. That’s not good news, is it?


Whether you're holed up with family, partners, house shares or going it alone, spending all this time without the social interactions we’re used to can create anxiety and depression. Concerns about your own health, your loved ones' health and job or financial uncertainty are also valid worries for everyone. So, it's totally understandable if you're feeling a little bit more anxious or on edge than you normally would.  But don’t worry, while being in lockdown can be lonely and frustrating, there are ways to boost your spirits and socialise from the comfort of your home. To help you stay positive and productive, I have created:


6 Top Tips for Beating the Lockdown Blues


We have actually been navigating the situation pretty well in my family, mostly because we have set some ground rules...

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Fabulous Family Fajitas!

Apr 02, 2020
Today I would like to share a live demo on cooking a family favourite - fajitas! Also, an explanation of how to Cook Once and Eat Twice! There is no cooking three times for this dish because it is so good that hardly anything gets leftover! For more great ideas to save TIME and MONEY, check out my FREE guide:
Here is the Fajitas recipe:
You can find this fajita recipe and over 55 others along with two weeks of meal plans, shopping lists and instructional videos in my:
£25 Early Bird Offer!
If you're thinking: "The strategies from the FREE guide are a great start, but what do I do next?" then I have a Total Two Week Solution for you. If you’re looking to take the hassle out of meal planning and recipe creation while feeding your family with delicious foods quickly and easily, having a done for you plan with time saving...
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Courgetti Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce and Prawns

Apr 02, 2020

Bonus time! This recipe is a quick and delicious family favourite and I wanted to share it with you so that you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time having fun with your family...

I make this dish with courgettes using a spiraliser to turn them into pasta. You can also use the sauce on any kind of pasta you have, it's up to you to make it the way you like best. But, if you haven't given courgetti a try before, why not do so now and let me know what you think in the comments?


Committed to your success,


Marina x

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Top Tips to Save Time in the Kitchen

Mar 30, 2020

In today's Vlog, I wanted to give you some practical cooking advice on how to use some of the Key Ingredients from my Feed the Family Formula in a new way. 

In this video, I am cooking fish, mangetout and quinoa fried rice. The whole meal was ready from beginning to end in about 20 minutes with most of it cooked for you above. Here is how it looked once I was finished:



Not bad for a quick family meal right? And that is the whole point of what I'm doing here. I would like to show you how to make delicious and nutritious meals without having to spend the whole day in the kitchen!

We are all living in crazy times right now and unfortunately, I can't change the situation we are in. What I can do though is offer some practical food advice because that’s what I’m good at.

As a mum of 4 and a Health Coach who loves to cook, I have developed loads of strategies and solutions to feed my family quickly and efficiently...

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Cook Once - Eat Three Times!

Mar 18, 2020

These are crazy times my friend. Today, all my kids' schools were closed and GCSEs and A Levels were canceled. It seems that every couple of hours something new and even more shocking happens. If you are feeling confused, lost, scared and not just a little bit angry, then you are not alone. We are all in this together. I know you're email has probably been flooded with Corona updates from everyone you ever bought something from or every restaurant that you have been to, and it is all super well meaning. But it all just seems like a lot, right? Just more stuff you need to cancel, rearrange and deal with.

I wish I had the answers, but I don't. What I do have are ideas about offering some practical food advice, because that's what I'm really good at. With all of us facing homes full of kids for every meal, I wanted to put a few things forward to help in a small way with the situation. So here's what I'm going to do:

1) I am putting out this previously recorded facebook live where I...

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