Ready to Stop Spending the Whole Day in the Kitchen?

Start saving TIME and MONEY today while providing your family with delicious and nutritious meals


If you are a busy mum who is looking to take the hassle out of meal planning and recipe creation while feeding your family with delicious foods quickly and easily, than you already know ... that creating a meal plan with time saving strategies is critical





  • Leftovers are the Secret Sauce

    By not throwing away that little bit of vegetable, rice or sauce that didn't get eaten and saving it in the fridge, you will have an ingredient for a dish later that week that will add loads of flavour without taking an extra hour to make.

  • A Weekly Meal Plan Reduces Stress

By having a ready made plan, you remove the anxiety about what to cook, how long it will take and what ingredients you will need.
  • Investing Time Creates Time

By spending time at the beginning of the week cooking a few key ingredients up front, you will save yourself hours throughout the rest of the week every time you use them and don't make them from scratch.

  • Cooking Time can be Quality Time

By having a mix of colourful, fun and tasty things to make, the kids will be more keen to get involved and help you out. Especially if there is a bowl of cake mix to lick!


Feed the Family Formula

Take all the hassle out of what to cook next and stop spending the whole day in the kitchen!







  • Stop Worrying About What to Make Next

Get two weeks of Done For You Meal Plans including daily breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner recipes 

  • Cut down the TIME you spend in the kitchen

    Get Step by Step Strategies explaining batching, preparation and the art of reusing 

  • If the Stores Don't have What You Need

Get Shopping Lists and Substitutions so that you know exactly what to buy, and what to do

  • Have Fun in the Kitchen

Over 55 Recipes that will get the whole family involved and even have your kids begging to lick the bowl

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Two Weeks of Meal Plans

Including daily breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner recipes so you can stop worrying about what to make next

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Step by Step Strategies

Explaining batching, preparation and the art of reusing so you can cut down the TIME you spend in the kitchen

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Lists and Substitutions

So that you know exactly what to buy, and what to do if the stores don't have what you need

Normally, to get all these amazing and time saving meal plans, recipes, tutorials, videos and guides, you would have to pay


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