Sick of Not Knowing What To Focus On To Get Real Results In Your Business?

Join Me For My New Masterclass "Goals to Results: Plan, Set, Action!" And Get Crystal Clear On What To Do Next to Grow Your Business


It's hard to move forward in your business if you're not clear about where you're going...

Chances are that you started your own business because you have a passion that you want to share with the world.

It could be something you make, a service you provide or a topic you teach.

Sadly, passion isn't a plan and that's what you need to take the guesswork out of what to do next. 

Are you ready to translate your passion into concrete goals that you can measure and track to achieve results?

In this Masterclass, you will:


Discover How to Align Your Goals with Your Passion

so that you can find the motivation and excitement to get your work done, even when you don't feel like it 


Learn How to Define Your Goals 

because working towards a poorly-crafted goal can feel daunting and unachievable. We will use my spin on the SMART methodology to get crystal clear on how to set goals that completely clarify your business objectives


Get Clarity On Exactly What You Need to Do Next 

by following a system that turns ideas into trackable and measurable actions by month, by week and by day. No more guesswork and no more distractions!


Here’s what you get when you register today:

Goals to Results Masterclass - £99 Value

  • Bonus 1 - 60 minute Q&A Live Session with Me in a Student Only Facebook Group £150 Value 
  • Bonus 2 - Goal Tracking Template £15 Value
  • Bonus 3 -Big Rocks Worksheet £15 Value

When you add it all up, that’s a value of £279

But when you register today, you’ll get access to everything for just:




A Note From the Instructor...

Being passionate about what you do is critical to living a happy life, but it's not enough - you need to have an action plan in order to achieve your goals! 

Now is the time to say goodbye to uncertainty and get crystal clear on what steps you need to take to see big results.

I want to see you succeed and I want to help you get those big results by planning, setting and implementing goals that will focus your efforts, use your time and resources productively, and give you a clear target to aim for.

So please join me on 8 September, 3pm GMT, to turn your goals into results! Hope to see you there!

- Marina Newington

P.S. Don't worry If life gets in the way and you miss out on the live masterclass, you still get all the good stuff in the replay and access to the live Q&A (and it's replay).