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If you’re a too busy female entrepreneur looking to balance a business and family and crack the magic of doing more in less time, you may feel:

  • Overwhelmed from having too much to do and not knowing how to prioritise, always wondering what to work on next
  • Frustrated that nothing is getting done to move your business forward despite being endlessly busy all day
  • That you're missing the special ingredient of accountability to keep you on track and on task

Here’s the good news – I can help!

Are you ready for a simple, easy to follow system that is so low tech and clear that your kids can look at it and tell you what you are doing today?


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As a globally recognised productivity expert, international speaker, best-selling author, qualified Coach with an MBA from the prestigious Columbia Business School – and most importantly, as a mum of 4 kids who works from home, I created PowerSystem to empower entrepreneurial women to balance a business and family so that they get the most out of their work hours and can enjoy all the parts of their lives without guilt and with true satisfaction.

I help entrepreneurial women like you feel great about themselves and know that they can have it all with low tech time management systems that increase productivity, reduce overwhelm and distractions and tackle the mindset that can so often be our biggest challenge.

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I started working with Marina last year and the PowerSystem Programme helped me clarify a strategic business decision. On a personal level I feel energised and focused. Since I started working with Marina, my energy levels and mood have greatly improved and I now exercise more regularly and make healthier food choices.  She has taught me how to set boundaries which helped me resolve situations in a positive way. I love the accountability of having regular sessions and the sense of achievement when I complete my weekly action plan.

Marina is a fantastic motivator and I'm looking forward to continuing working with her!

Liza Evans 

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I tried many things before to get motivated and nothing worked. Now I see a real change in my life and feel really good about the future! I’ve been working with Marina for 3 months as part of a 6 month programme. Before we started working together, I was struggling to make progress with my career and academic studies - my days were full of endless chores.

PowerSystem helped me to put my priorities right and get motivated. Today, my energy is back, my life is more organised and I am ready to achieve bigger goals. Marina has a very positive, pleasant personality and a unique charismatic way of working. She inspires me to continue improvements in my life. I would definitely recommend PowerSystem to everyone! 

Irina Miles

PowerSystem is the ONLY program of its kind that…


  1. Starts by identifying your why and your core values enabling you to pinpoint what you are truly passionate about.
  2. Fuels motivation from the inside by aligning your passions to your actions. By creating goals that are aligned with your core values, you will have heaps of energy and motivation.
  3. Delivers a clear plan of action to get you the results that will make a real change in your business and in your life.
  4. Clarifies what you need to do next by month, week and day so that you never have to feel overwhelmed by all the things or wonder what to work on next. 
  5. Identifies what activities make you shine and what are the tasks that can be delegated, giving you more time to focus on your areas of strength while simultaneously building a supportive and effective network.
  6. Finishes with a review and accountability system that makes sure you celebrate success as you stay on track to meet your targets and achieve those amazing goals you mapped out!

So if you’re ready to save TIME and MONEY while avoiding overwhelm, distraction and lack of motivation,

Here's how I will help you get there:

The word POWER is an acronym for the 5 Pillars of PowerSystem which are:

Pillar 1

P stands for Priority

The first step in getting productive is understanding what is most important to you. What is your why? What are you passionate about? What will make you happy and satisfied? How much time do you want to spend on work? Your family? Yourself? Identifying these priorities will help you shape your schedule in the way that works best for you and will set the foundation for thriving – not just surviving.

Module Highlights:

In this module, you will discover what is most important to you, how you spend your time and where your priorities lie. Once this is done you will be in a strong position to align these priorities to your goals so you always stay motivated and inspired.

Lessons include:

  • The Secret Sauce That Makes Work Fun
  • Discovering Your Sweet Spot
  • Time Tracking Made Easy

Pillar 2

O is for Objectives

Lots of people get thrown by creating goals because they’ve had a lot of flops in the past from setting goals that were too vague, aggressive or poorly framed.  In this module, I will help you create goals that are a huge ASSET to your business and your life.  Setting effective goals allows you to achieve more by providing focus, enhancing productivity, boosting self-esteem and increasing commitment. That’s why Goals Are Your #1 ASSET.

Module Highlights:

In this Module, we’re going to use that phrase to explain the 5 steps towards successful goal setting by using my A.S.S.E.T Framework:

  • Align
  • Specify
  • Stretch
  • Evaluate
  • Time

Pillar 3

W is for Workflow

Now that you know your priorities and have aligned them to your goals, you are ready to answer the question “What do I work on next?”  Spoiler alert: by turning goals that you believe in into actionable tasks, you will always work on the right thing in the time you have to move your business forward.

Module Highlights:

We begin by putting an annual schedule in place so you know when the key planning times are during the year that keep your systems flowing smoothly. We will then get into the meaty work where we map out exactly what you need to be doing

  • By month
  • By week
  • By day

Following this strategy, you will always know what to do next and will never feel behind again!

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Pillar 4

E stands for Execution


Having a plan is more than half the battle, but if you don’t execute your plans, then you won’t see any results. In this module, I take you step by step through the whole system and show you how to set the targets and milestones that you will work towards to achieve your goals.

Module Highlights:

By executing the Complete Productivity Formula, you will have all the tools for

  • Motivation
  • Organisation
  • Accountability

Pillar 5

R is For Review

You are almost there and ready to do great things! The last thing we need to do is put a system for weekly and monthly reviews into place. It is so important to check in regularly to see if your work is going according to plan, so that you know if you need to celebrate success or course correct.

Module Highlights:

We start by scheduling in weekly and monthly reviews and determine what key factors need to be identified. If targets are met, I go through how to celebrate success and why it is critical to your motivation and results. When things don’t go according to plan, you will discover how to assess if the targets are still

  • Aligned
  • Stretching
  • Specific
  • Timely

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