Crack the Magic of Balancing Work and Family

without overwhelm, distraction or lack of motivation


My mission is to help you crack the magic of balancing a business and family so that you get the most out of your work hours and can enjoy all the parts of your life without guilt and with true satisfaction.

As an international speaker, best-selling author, productivity expert, founder of the PowerSystem and most importantly, a mum of 4, I know what a struggle it can be to try to enjoy your life and not just endure it. I understand first-hand the pressures of the different roles required from women today who often wear ‘busy’ as a badge of honour - I know I did - even though they often feel overwhelmed and frustrated so much of the time by all the things. I learned that there is no reward for busyness, no gold star, no trophy - that it’s not about being busy, it’s about being productive, and that’s what I help entrepreneurial women like you to discover.

Here's how I will help you get there:

The ultimate 4-step system that delivers the clarity, accountability, and motivation to get you more free time and more money without overwhelm, frustration or complexity 

In Only 30 Days

Path to Productivity is the only online course with a simple, easy to follow, low-tech approach that will give you at least 2 extra hours every week to spend on what matters to you most. You may even have fun along the way…


This personalised 5-Step formula is my signature 8 week one to one coaching programme that empowers you to realise the time and financial freedom you became an entrepreneur to achieve. 

PowerSystem provides unique strategies, tools and accountability to empower you to feel more confident, in control and motivated as you get the right things get done in the time you have to create true impact, more money and a life that is happy, satisfied and fulfilled.


If you’re a too busy female entrepreneur looking to balance a business and family and crack the magic of doing more in less time, you may feel:

  • Overwhelmed from having too much to do and not knowing how to prioritise, always wondering what to work on next
  • Frustrated that nothing is getting done to move your business forward despite being endlessly busy all day
  • That you're missing the special ingredient of accountability to keep you on track and on task

Here’s the good news – I can help!

Are you ready for a simple, easy to follow system that is so low tech and clear that your kids can look at it and tell you what you are doing today?

Give Me 30 Minutes, I Can Save You 3 Hours….

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I started working with Marina last year and the PowerSystem Programme helped me clarify a strategic business decision. On a personal level I feel energised and focused. Since I started working with Marina, my energy levels and mood have greatly improved and I now exercise more regularly and make healthier food choices.  She has taught me how to set boundaries which helped me resolve situations in a positive way. I love the accountability of having regular sessions and the sense of achievement when I complete my weekly action plan.

Marina is a fantastic motivator and I'm looking forward to continuing working with her!

Liza Evans 

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I tried many things before to get motivated and nothing worked. Now I see a real change in my life and feel really good about the future! Before we started working together, I was struggling to make progress with my career and academic studies - my days were full of endless chores.

PowerSystem helped me to put my priorities right and get motivated. Today, my energy is back, my life is more organised and I am ready to achieve bigger goals. Marina has a very positive, pleasant personality and a unique charismatic way of working. She inspires me to continue improvements in my life. I would definitely recommend PowerSystem to everyone! 

Irina Miles

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