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without overwhelm, distraction or lack of motivation

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If you’re a female entrepreneur with a small team or a stay at home mum juggling a family and a business and you are looking to choose the path that brings you success while feeling fulfilled and happy than you already know ... that in order to get results, you need to clarify what's most important to you, get organised and get really focused.

  • You know that you need to feel passionate about your business to make it a success.
  • You also know that you need to put systems in place so that you can be productive 
  • You know that you need to stay on task and not get distracted by the latest shiny thing.




  • Energy comes from motivation

    If you can discover what you are passionate about and align your choices with decisions that make you feel happy, satisfied and fulfilled, then you will have the energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead.

  • Consistency is the key to results

    Get clarity on what is important for where you are right now and pick one path that will be the most effective for your current situation. Don’t start something new until you give what you are doing a chance to succeed.

  • Productivity is fuelled by delegation

    By organising and implementing systems that play to your strengths and delegating non critical tasks, you will have more time to focus on revenue generating activities.
  • Aligning with your passion begins by identifying your core values

    Whether you are stuck in a situation that leaves you unfulfilled or are struggling to make a big decision, your core values have the power to shape your relationships, jobs, family, and overall direction in life.  
  • Confidence comes from evidence

    By making small, gradual and consistent changes, you will start noticing real shifts that produce results. The evidence of these results will give you the confidence to continue and to strive for even more.

The 5 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make Right Now To Make the Big Decisions That Fuel Success 

Shift 1

Start at the beginning and not the end to get results that last

Invest in Laying a Foundation

We are often so concerned with the end result, that we skip out on the steps we need to take to get the outcomes we want. It's like building a house, you can't start with the roof! You first have to lay the foundations and build the walls and internal structures. Once you have set the main elements in place, you are ready to work on the roof itself.

It's the same with your business. When you take the TIME to INVEST in the groundwork of clarifying your why, setting up systems, delegating and getting energised, you are then in an amazing position to make your dreams come true.

So instead  of rushing to the finish line, take a moment to first lay a strong and solid foundation from where success can grow.

Shift 2

By concentrating on one project at a time, you will achieve better results

Do Less to Get More Done

We have all been brought up with the idea that multitasking is the best way to work and that as women, we are particularly qualified for this approach. Makes us feel special, right? I'm afraid that that's fake news. It has been scientifically proven that trying to do more than one thing at a time seriously compromises our ability to complete the tasks safely and well. Equally important, repeatedly switching back and forth from project to project, can impair our ability to function at our finest.

Now I am not partial to sports, but I heard a great example explaining why multitasking doesn't work using football, that I would like to share with you . If you focus your team on trying to move 3 balls down the field at the same time, you may succeed in moving each one a few feet. However, if you used all that man power and focused on moving JUST ONE ball down the field - you could move that ball all the way and achieve a goal or touchdown in a fraction of the time. Make sense?

Instead of working on several projects at once and not really progressing with any of them, work on one project at a  time and get so much more accomplished with a greater level of quality! 

Shift 3

Focusing your efforts on the tasks you excel at skyrockets your success

Delegating Makes You Stronger

When you work for yourself, or have a small team, it's easy to feel like you have to do it all. Do you ever feel like no one else will perform a task as well as you so it's best for you to do it yourself? Or perhaps you might feel that by the time you explain something, you could have done it already?

What ends up happening? You spread yourself so thin trying to be everywhere at once that the tasks that only you can do don't get enough attention. You may have a small budget and can't afford a whole team to support you, I get it. But there are always creative ways to DELEGATE some of your work even if you are small. For example, you can hire a VA to do some of your more time consuming but not critical tasks, or tasks you don't like to do, leaving you free to focus on the areas where you SHINE, drive revenue and deliver true value to your clients. 

To maximise your productivity, it's best to focus on those tasks where you excel so that you can provide the most value to your clients and revenue to your business.  For the rest, start delegating and building a team to do the other tasks (A VA working 2 hours a week is an amazing start!).

Shift 4

By setting aside time up front to create systems and flows, you will have much more time to work on your business

Spend Time to Make Time

If you often hear people going on about productivity and think "I don't have the time to spend on all that stuff!" then I have a news flash for you: Investing time up front to set goals and to plan and develop systems in the short term, will save you HOURS a week in the medium and long term.

Creating a framework to manage your tasks is EVERYTHING for the growth of your business. By spending this time, you’ll lose that “running to catch up” feeling, you'll be able to make more of an impact with less stress, you'll have the clarity  to crush your financial and lifestyle goals and most importantly, you'll be able to do it all with PEACE OF MIND.

If you can prioritise investing time up front to put systems and operating procedures in place, then not only will you save hours to work meaningfully on your business, but you will reduce stress and increase productivity.

Shift 5

When you are passionate about what you do, success will come your way

What Makes You Happy Can Make You Money

In today's world, having a good idea for a business isn't enough. You have to be passionate about what you do so that you can convey your authenticity to your clients. People are savvy nowadays and there is a lot of on-line chatter. Doing what someone else who is successful is doing may seem like a good idea, but if it's not who you are, it won't bring you the results that you want.

If you believe in what you are doing and really know the WHY behind it, then you will be able to communicate effectively, ethically and successfully to the people you want to reach. You will also feel motivated and energised to put the work in because you really CARE about what you are doing.

By identifying what makes you happy and aligning it with the service or product that you provide, you will reach the correct people with your authenticity and attract success. 



Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Making those big decisions and figuring out what to do next may seem overwhelming and a bit scary, but there is a solution.

By investing your time upfront to lay a strong foundation

By identifying what makes you happy

By getting organised and efficient 

B y building a network that supports you

you will be able to achieve true success.

I know that doing all of this alone can be confusing, lonely and a bit intimidating, and that is why I have something super special for you that will give you  accountability, support and will enable you achieve results faster and more effectively than ever before.

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I started working with Marina last year and the PowerSystem Programme helped me clarify a strategic business decision. On a personal level I feel energised and focused. Since I started working with Marina, my energy levels and mood have greatly improved and I now exercise more regularly and make healthier food choices.  She has taught me how to set boundaries which helped me resolve situations in a positive way. I love the accountability of having regular sessions and the sense of achievement when I complete my weekly action plan.

Marina is a fantastic motivator and I'm looking forward to continuing working with her!

Liza Evans 

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I tried many things before to get motivated and nothing worked. Now I see a real change in my life and feel really good about the future! I’ve been working with Marina for 3 months as part of a 6 month programme. Before we started working together, I was struggling to make progress with my career and academic studies - my days were full of endless chores.

PowerSystem helped me to put my priorities right and get motivated. Today, my energy is back, my life is more organised and I am ready to achieve bigger goals. Marina has a very positive, pleasant personality and a unique charismatic way of working. She inspires me to continue improvements in my life. I would definitely recommend PowerSystem to everyone! 

Irina Miles


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Why have I developed PowerSystem?

I feel very passionately about our own ability to make big changes in our lives by starting with small steps in the fundamentals like mindset, diet, movement and self-care.

After undergoing my own transformational journey, I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and then opened my practice working with women to make them feel good about themselves again. After expanding to the online world, I then began attending networking events leading on to speaking opportunities. Boy do I love to speak to a roomful of interested and interesting women!

With the insights I gained from my personal transformation, and my early work with business women in similar situations, I created PowerSystem, a 5-step process for clarifying your goals and removing the obstacles to success to bring you the confidence and energy to take on the world!

Today, I work with entrepreneurial women to set the groundwork in their own lives so they can clarify their goals, set realistic tasks and create a roadmap to find success in their chosen fields through coaching, group programs and speaking.

As a successful entrepreneur myself, I have spoken on stages to 400+ female entrepreneurs and shared the stage with Andy Harrington, Veronica Tan, Kim Kiyosaki and John Lee at various events. I am an Amazon bestselling author, I was nominated for a Raices award in Stockholm for Female Business, have been on the cover of Global Woman Magazine and was featured in "The Top 10 Women Who are Rocking the Global Business World" in The Business Woman Today. Click here to find out more.

I have gone from starting out on my own, confused and overwhelmed  to establishing a business where I really help people achieve change. Even more importantly, I have taken my clients on their own transformational journeys and brought them results.. See some nice things they said here.

I believe that all to often , we find it is so easy to focus on the end of the process with "what should I do next?" without setting a strong foundation first: 

Before getting organised in your career, you need to first get organised in your head and in your life, identify your priorities and establish a support network, both personally and professionally, to then enable you to move towards your professional aspirations.


PowerSystem is the ONLY program of its kind that…


  1. Starts by identifying your core values enabling you to pinpoint what you are truly passionate about.
  2. Fuels energy from the inside by aligning your passions to your actions . If you are doing what you are truly passionate about, you will have heaps of energy and motivation.
  3. Clarifies what the one path you need to follow right now is, and gives a step by step plan to be consistent and stay focused.
  4. Identifies what activities make you shine and what are the tasks that can be delegated, giving you more time to focus on your area of strength while simultaneously building a supportive and effective network.
  5. Builds confidence by demonstrating the success of your own results. By focusing on small, consistent changes, you will build a body of evidence that gives you the confidence to get uncomfortable and push through to the next level.
  6. Finishes with a clear plan of action to get you the results that will make a real change in your business and in your life.

So if you’re ready to finally make those big decisions while avoiding overwhelm, distraction and lack of motivation

Here's how I will help you get there:

The word POWER is an acronym for the 5 Pillars of PowerSystem which are:

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Pillar 1

P stands for Priority

As women we are used to putting ourselves at the bottom of the list. We first think of our children, our partners, our work colleagues, our friends, our pets - anyone but us! If you look after yourself first, you will have the confidence, strength and energy to be there for the people you care about. It’s like putting your oxygen mask on first in an airplane. 

Module Highlights:

By playing the Magical Mojo G.A.M.E. you will go through exercises on 

  • Gratitude
  • Acceptance
  • Meditation

That will give you the evidence that you are more than enough to achieve your dreams.

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Pillar 2

O is for Order

Do you ever feel like you spend the day running from meeting to activity totally busy, but not really getting anything done? I think we’ve all been there! If you are organised and in control of your schedule, you can rule your world instead of letting it rule you. You can then achieve your big goals with time to spare. Ready to be in the driver's seat?

Module Highlights:

By using the Perfect Personal Planner you will become more productive monthly and weekly by learning to

  • Prioritise
  • Programme
  • Polish

You will learn to focus on the most important tasks first so that you can take them to completion and see results.

Placeholder Image
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Pillar 3

W is for World

If you work on your communication style, build your support network and learn to set boundaries, you will be able to share what’s really important to you with the world around you, and feel supported in return. It’s so much easier to achieve your goals when you are not on your own.

Module Highlights:

By using the Complete Communication System, you will learn to 

  • Connect
  • Cheer
  • Create

These tools ensure that you are professional in communications while always taking care of yourself.

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Pillar 4

E stands for Energy

You need to be strong and resilient in order to work and to have fun! By focusing on eating healthy foods, fitting movement into your weekly routine, getting your stress under control and getting enough sleep to keep you going you will be able to unlock the energy you need to take on the world.

Module Highlights:

By engaging with the Limitless L.I.F.E. Energiser, you will  make improvements in 

  • Lights Out
  • Inhabit
  • Food
  • Exercise

With your new found energy, you will be able to action all your goals.

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Pillar 5

R is Your Roadmap

By taking these steps you’ve fuelled your body and life for success, but where are you going? You have to figure out what’s next. What’s your why? What are your dreams and the actions you need to take in order to make them come true? Let's build a step by step action plan to make it happen.

Module Highlights:

By following the Future G.O.A.L. Formula you will identify your

  • Gold
  • Opportunities
  • Actions
  • Legacy

You can then follow this Roadmap to a life that is satisfied, happy and fulfilled.

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  • Help you prioritise what to focus on first and what is most important to you
  • Discover the challenges, obstacles and roadblocks that could get in your way
  • Identify the most powerful actions you can take
  • Complete the consultation with the clarity of what to do next

I only offer my one-to-one coaching to people I've spent time getting to know in my kickstart sessions, and only if there is a great match. These kickstart sessions give you great value, and help me to really get to know your needs and see if  I'm the right person to help you.

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